Weekend Warrior

Ever since I moved to Wyoming, I have been constantly doing things during the weekends. There are so many beautiful places in this area of the country and I feel the need and drive to experience them all. Since I've been out of school, I can come home and leave work at work and just come home to relax (or not). This is even more true for weekends. No more constant worrying about that next test or big project coming up in my classes. No more thoughts in the back of my mind about school work when I'm falling asleep in a tent in the Ozarks. Now, I can simply enjoy the weekend. And I'll do my damnedest to take advantage of every minute of that time. Picture this, it's Friday evening, you just got off work. You don't really have any plans, so you decide to just go get dinner and drinks with some friends or you spend the evening watching Netflix by yourself to just "relax." You go to bed around midnight and sleep in the next day. Sounds nice, right? Or, you can get off work, hop in your already packed car and take off for the weekend. Think of all the places you could get to if you left at 5:00pm and drove until midnight with a car full of good friends and gear! A week ago, I did this exact thing. I packed my car the night before and as soon as I was off work I took off for a six and a half hour drive. I picked up a friend in Denver and we headed West to the desert playground that is Moab, UT. I met one of my roommates from college that is now living in Phoenix, AZ that was doing the same thing at a campground Friday night. We camped, went on a backpacking trip, had a milkshake at Milt's Stop and Eat, saw the Delicate Arch, got annoyed by the tourists there, so we left and hiked to a little overlook and slept under the stars before heading back to Denver where I dropped my friend off and I hopped on a plane to Nashville for work. Take advantage of the whole weekend. You won't regret it. Here's some photos from the trip.

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