Is This Really in the US?

We set out from the comfort of our day jobs to experience a new place. A new horizon to share with each other. We headed north and west to the Wind River Range of Wyoming. After a while of the constant vibration of rubber against asphalt, we eventually hit dirt. We were closing in. Soon we were on our feet, packs loaded, and headed into the backcountry of on of the craziest places I've ever seen in real life. 10 miles in and 10,500 feet above the sea, we made it to the Cirque, a 270 degree panorama of jagged peaks and steep granite walls. It looked like something straight out of Patagonia or the Dolomites, not Wyoming. Our home base was established as we watched the sun get closer and closer to those jagged peaks until it eventually sank beneath the walls and the sky turned to vibrant hues of orange, gold, and pink. We soon retired to our sleeping bags, satisfied. The following day consisted of exploring the entire valley that we were calling home for the few days. Tossed some flies and our bodies into the high alpine lakes, made spears to (unsuccessfully) catch a fish, took naps in hammocks, and simply enjoyed each other's company. We ended the day with a midnight (10 o'clock) snack of hot chocolate and drifted to sleep one last time before heading back down to our cars and then back to town and real life.

These trips revive me in so many ways. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. The mountains, the brisk wind, the high mountain streams, everything. I love it. The five other guys that came along on this trip just added to the overall experience. We acted way too immature at points, but way too mature at other points while in deep conversation. Do yourself a favor, go explore a place that you've never been to. Get lost. See new things. It's refreshing.

#wyoming #mountains #backpacking

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