Last Week in the West: Desert Edition

After a little over a year, my time in the American West has come to an end. I have taken the opportunity to move even further west to the quaint little town (just kidding) known as Seattle, Washington. So for my last weekend in the west, we celebrated. We drove to the desert, met up with some friends, set up a highline over a canyon, drove on dirt roads too fast, slept in the red dirt, and simply experienced life together. We showed up Friday night to meet up with Elliot Ross and his girlfriend Genevieve. If you don't know who Elliot it is, do yourself a favor and look him up. ( His work is incredible. We received a warm welcome from a group huddled around a fire while passing a bottle of cheap whiskey. Elliot and Gen hitchhiked from Salt Lake City the day before and made it to Moab a day earlier than us after a ride with Larry, the "storyteller man," but that's a whole different story... We woke the next morning, got some breakfast and headed to the Fruit Bowl. A highlining area that features an 80 foot span over a 300+ foot drop. It was nauseating to even look at. We played on the highline until the sun sank beneath the horizon and the sky turned to fire. Dinner consisted of tacos and beer, of course. We wandered through desert using nearly dead headlamps, guided by the moonlight until we decided we wanted to get some sleep. Found a good flat spot and watched to stars dance and shoot across the sky until we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer.

We woke the next morning, made breakfast burritos, and packed our stuff back out to the truck. We all went to Mill Creek for a bit of climbing and then booked it to Arches to get to Delicate Arch just as the sun was setting. The people were annoying, again, but it's still a beautiful sight. We ended the day and the weekend with a stop at Milt's Stop and Eat. Enjoyed burgers, milkshakes, and other greasy or indulgent foods until we were satisfied. Moab is a great place and I'm glad I got to make new friends and experience the area one more time before heading towards the coast. I'm now tucked away in my new home in Seattle and I'm beyond excited to see what this next year holds. Cheers to new experiences!

Elliot has never slacklined, so he figured going big for his first time was the right thing to do...

It didn't last long...

#desert #moab #slackline #utah #adventure #camping

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