2017: A Year in Review

Here we are. The end of the year. Did 2017 go by as fast for you as it did for me?? Time is a weird thing and it seems to move faster the older I get. I have a lot to say about this year, as it was a big year for me, but I'll keep it (somewhat) short and to the point.

This past October marked one year in Seattle. The best damn city in America, in my opinion. This city and the people I've surrounded myself with here have truly changed my life and outlook on life. These people have a strong passion for telling a good story and making changes when they see their lives not on track with the goals they've set out for themselves. In summary, they're a bunch of badasses and they've inspired me and supported me on numerous occasions this past year.

If you don't know much about my history, I moved to Seattle when I got transferred with my past job, working as an Environmental Engineer for the federal government. While this job was stable, had great benefits, and wasn't too stressful, it was sucking the life out of me. I didn't feel like I fit in at all in the environment, the jobs I was given were simple and not challenging, basically, I was bored all the time and it was making me somewhat depressed. So at the end of September, with the help of some wonderful clients, I was able to quit the job and move into photography full-time. (!!!) I was finally able to fully pursue my passion of photography and getting outside by making it my career, rather than a side hobby.

Fast forward to now, I've only been doing this thing full-time for a few months but my life has changed a ton. Work is now something I constantly look forward to and have the drive to work hard at it to make it work. I get to work with some pretty incredible brands and publications, I get outside and enjoy my surroundings more often and encourage others to do the same in their areas.

Looking forward to the new year, I already have plans to get out of the country and off the grid more and I couldn't be more stoked. 2018, bring it on!

Here's some photos from the past year:

The Year started off with a lot of snow and A LOT of gray days. We still took advantage of it by skiing a lot and even camping in the snow a few times.

When we got tired of rain, we headed for the desert for some climbing. I got sent to Las Vegas for a work conference and took full advantage of being that close to Red Rocks and met up with some friends for an after-work climbing mission.

When the change of seasons finally did come and the sun came out to play a little more, it was time to get the boats out, dust off the climbing gear, and prepare to spend many nights under the stars.

All the adventures with Whit. I'd say she's one of the best humans alive, but I might be biased.

I spent a week up in Canada with some old friends from Arkansas. We climbed and played around in the Bugaboos. The landscape up there is pretty wild. You should go.

After summer, the leaves began to change, the temperature got a little cooler, and the first dustings of snow began to fall. This was my first fall in the Northwest and I think it is one of the best places to experience it.

After quitting my job, I had a lot of back-to-back shoots before the snow started falling. Here's some highlights!

And then the snow came back. And we played. ...And played.

I ended the year by spending a week in Mexico with Whit's family before heading back to Missouri to spend time with my family. Here's to 2017!

And here's to 2018! See you next year, friends!

With Love,


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