LOCATION: Bristol Bay, AK

CLIENTS: BESIDE Magazine, YETI, Benchmade Knives

The sockeye salmon run in the Bristol Bay area of Alaska is the larges salmon run in the world. There are many locals and summer locals that take advantage of this run to provide food for their families, their businesses, and the rest of the world. All while doing so in a responsible and sustainable way, thanks to the efforts of the Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife. Their job is to ensure that enough fish get up into the rivers to spawn, so that the population continues to flourish and the large number of fish that return to this area continue to come back at the same, if not better numbers than previous years. During my time up here, I got to experience this amazing phenomena first-hand with a set-net crew and ventured into Katmai National Park to see how this run feeds the bears, the birds, and other species within the greater Bristol Bay area. 


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